High temperature oil & gas solutions

Are you looking for a solution to help manage the complexity and costs for your ultrasonic product?

Manage the costs of your product development

We provide our customers with acoustic products that are technically advanced, field proven, and vertically integrated to achieve:
  • high temperature >175°C
  • ruggedized
  • design for manufacture
  • high pressure >30 Kpsi
  • pulse-echo economies
  • advanced materials

Our transducer solutions are completely vertically integrated to provide optimized electrical signaling and continue to lead the industry with solutions for highly corrosive, abrasive, hot and pressurized environments.

Benefit from the depth of our measurement experience


Industry applications

  • Logging while drilling (LWD)
  • Wireline logging
  • Cement bond evaluation
  • Casing inspection
  • Seismic logging
  • Borehole imaging
  • Borehole fluid evaluation
  • Downhole flow
  • Formation flow enhancement
  • Pipeline inspection


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